Artwork & Craft Photography

Photographing paintings, statues and craft creations is both challenging and enjoyable for a photographer.  I have been fortunate to be asked to photograph some of the work of these talented artists.

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Diane Deneen

These are images of Diane's paintings that we photographed for her for a website she was building for her artwrok.  Sadly cancer interfered with her ability to finish the project.  We have posted all the pictures here with the hope that her family and friends might enjoy seeing her art and remember her love of and need to be painting.  For years she and I talked about "learning to paint the light". Looking back at her work, I believe she always knew how.

Judy and Jim

"I enjoy continuing to learn and try new things. I don't believe that any artist is ever finished learning." Diane Deneen

Pam Brasel

I met Pam when she contacted me regarding a photo of mine that was featured in the San Diego Union-Tribune.  She wanted recreate the image as a painting, the first photo in this gallery is Pam with the completed painting of my "Colorado Barn" photo. 

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