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Headshots are not as much about posing as they are about capturing a compelling image of the individual that matches the photo to it's intended purpose. For business photos this can range from an open, friendly image or an aggressive look while those for social networking often look for a confident, approachable image.

Most headshots use a “cinema” look where the background is slightly out of focus however, if requested, the session can also include shots using a white background or a color background.  A Somewhat different style is for "lifestyle" that include more background or other objects ( such as on a pier or sitting on a motorcycle ).

A typical headshot session will last an hour and lifestyle session last a little longer.  No matter the style the goal is to shoot at least 35 photos with most sessions yielding over 50 shots. The photos will show a range of expressions and angles with the goal of having 5 or more great shots.

All of my photography is recorded using the camera’s Raw image format. After the shoot I preview each photo and select the best images for further processing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. The processing includes color balance, cropping, minor exposure corrections and when needed light facial retouching. Once processing is complete all of the usable* images are uploaded into a password protected private folder on my website and I send the link and password to you. The photos will be sorted so that the best shots will appear at the top of the page. With the website link you are able to download ( at no extra cost ) the full size, high resolution, non-watermarked images.

I can travel to locations that you select in the North County area or I also have access to a landscaped one-half acre property in Vista for outdoor shoots for both headshots and "nature" lifestyle images.

Headshot packages that include one a hour photo session, retouching and full size digital downloads of all usable* photos begin at $100.

*It is common to have a few non-usable photos from each session due to focus or shots that are too under/over exposed.  This typically accounts for around 10% or less of the total photos taken.  These are not included.

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